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PostSubject: DMPC EVOLUTION GUIDE   Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:17 am

Extend the possibility of searching and planning your digimons to next step. No more MS word/notepad with Ctrl+F.
Allow to edit the tree.
(Mainly to fix incorrect data. Tsunomon evoC: to Dorulumon? I dont see that one in rookies ...)
The evolution tree is in text file included in download. Instructions how to edit are included in it.
TXT file is easily human readable and it supports Ctrl+F (search)!

To start unzip somewhere, doubleclick on exe file. Press Load file button and select the txt file included

Digimon data are always sorted by Family and them alphabetically

What it can do:
Find quickly info about certain digimon.
Make list of certain digimons (family and level criteria)
Find paths in evolution trees.
Easily updateable digimon data so community can keep it up to date and bugfree.

Detailed evolution paths.
Auto loading digimon data.
And it needs better icon... seriously
Build in info about evolutions
Links in output textbox for more user friendly interface
Error handling

Added features:
"Evolves from" option.
Find exact name.
Choose random digimon (if u dont know which one to grow )
Txt MetaData
More digimon games support
About button
Custom family names



Good Luck ^^!
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