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 Pokemon SkyBlue Game Maker

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PostSubject: Pokemon SkyBlue Game Maker   Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:33 pm

Here the link :

Guides :
File Size: 4.2MB
GM Version: Game Maker 8
Vista Compatible: Yes
Changes Screen Resolution: No

Pokedex with 49 new Pokemon
10 routes, 8 towns, 1 all-new region
Battle System - includes faster Pokemon strikes first, move effectiveness, STAB bonus, Base Values and Effort Values (EVs), stat-changing moves, learning new moves and forogetting old ones, move accuracy, physical/special division, move power points (PP), shared experiece.
Trainer Battles - includes a Rival character, two Gym Leaders and the return of Team Rocket
Walking, talking people
Pokemon Storage system (Laptop) with 20 boxes (500 Pokemon in all)
Pokemon evolution
TMs and HMs, including Aerial Ace, Rock Smash and Cut.
Items in the field, in battle and in the Pokemart.
Pokemon IVs (Individual Values), Natures
Animated Pokemon sprites!

X - talk; select option
Z - run (hold down); cancel
Enter - brings up menu; skips to next box in Laptop
Ctrl+Enter - skips to previous box in Laptop
Arrow keys - move around; choose option
Ctrl+M - mute sound. Press Ctrl+M again to start playing sounds again.
F1 - game help/info

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Pokemon SkyBlue Game Maker
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