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PostSubject: DMPC BUGS AND SOLUTIONS   Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:32 pm

Problems and Solutions
P: There is no game saving option.
S: Your game is auto-saved every 5 second during gameplay, and when you exit the game.
Notice that the game is only saved when you are in the main room.

P: Digimon freezed after attempting to feed.
S: Right click on the food to erase it to make your digimon move again.
Now feed once more.

P: Digimon stuck somewhere on screen.
S: Try pausing and resuming your game through the pause function.

P: Evolution signal appeared, but digimon does not digivolve.
S: It may due to several reasons:
- No requirements are met.
- If your digimon is on levels Champion or Ultimate,
you may have stepped on the chance of not digivolving.

P: Digimon died.
S: It may due to several reasons:
- Starve
- Unhealed injury
- Unhealed sickness
- Frequent injuries without taking vitamin
- Frequent disturbance of sleep (*not yet implemented)

P: Cannot connect with other players.
S: This is mostly due to the use of router since this game uses IP connection.
A few solutions include:
- add the game to your firewall's exception list
- port forwarding
- using software eg. Hamachi

P: When connecting, a message read "Error: Identical Digimon ID" is shown.
S: Two digimon from the same save file cannot connect to each other. Create another digimon instead.
To check your digimon's ID, simply left click your digimon in the main room. It should appear
right on top of your digimon's family name.

P: When connecting, a message read "Fail to listen port." is shown.
S: Restart the game and try again.

P: My tamer name got out of the screen.
S: Unfortunately the only solution is to make a shorter name.

P: When I try to change my dmpc file name. The game just keeps saving using the old file name.
S: There is no official ways to rename dmpc files properly as of now.
Please decide carefully your save name when creating a new digimon.

P: Screensaver would not work when game is on.
S: Some function has been added to the game to prevent screensaver due to some problem it imposes on the game.
Exit the game if you would like to activate screensaver.

P: The game would not save when exited during training.
S: Yes. The training room does not have a save function, so please return to the main room everytime before
closing the game.

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